The funding of Verfassungsblog is based on four pillars: a) institutional support by the Center for Global Constitutionalism at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center and the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (MPIL) in Heidelberg; b) specific funding for blog symposia and other projects; c) crowd funding; and d) advertisement in the editorial. In terms of editorial decisions, Verfassungsblog remains entirely independent.

The blog timeline is the centrepiece of Verfassungsblog. It is where we publish expert analyses and comments on topical events and developments in constitutional law and policy, usually on a daily basis. Keeping up not only with what is happening in Germany, Europe, and the world but also with the constant stream of submissions we receive, requires a substantial number of qualified staff. In order to finance the editorial team we strive for support from libraries and institutions as indispensable partners for Verfassungsblog. At the moment, 28 libraries and institutions facilitated by Knowledge Unlatched, as well as the Library Consortium of Saxony and another 13 libraries and institutions faciliated by the Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen (SUB Göttingen) support our work with annual payments, usually committing for three years (see who supports us at the bottom of the page). If you are a researcher or a librarian who thinks that your institution should support up to date, high-quality, and Diamond OA content then do get in touch via

We primarily rely on the academic community in order to fund our debates. We have also been able to secure funding from various foundations in order to be able to host blog symposia. The debates usually comprise 10 to 15 articles that discuss and engage with cutting-edge research put forward by scholars. You can read more about our blog symposia as well as the associated costs here. If you have an idea for a blog symposium – and, ideally, the funding – please don’t hesitate to get in touch via

Our podcast Verfassungspod is a deep dive into specific legal issues of topical relevance. Weeks and months of research, interviews with experts, scripting, and cutting go into each episode which comprises several parts. In order to finance this labour-intensive format we currently rely on the support of Steady supporters who want to continue listening to and learning about the windings of constitutional law and policy. This way if you want to keep us talking.

Our weekly editorial is published on the Verfassungsblog website and sent out as a newsletter to more than 13,000 subscribers. It carries three places for advertisement to announce calls for papers, job opportunities and the like. If you wish to place an ad and reach the German, European, and global professional readership of Verfassungsblog, then send us an e-mail via

16 libraries organized in the Library Consortium of Saxony as well as another 15 libraries and institutions currently support Verfassungsblog’s work, facilitated by the
SUB Göttingen: