Rethinking the Law and Politics of Migration

2023 has seen an uptick in migratory flows and a concomitant escalation of restrictionist governmental approaches to migration control. Newly introduced measures increasingly violate even long-established human rights norms and/or the rule of law, while also failing to provide real solutions to the challenges that (im)migration governance poses. Language of crisis, necessity, emergency and deterrence have been pervasive, combined with an increasingly nativist and exclusionary nationalist discourse within even established liberal democracies. Legal commentary has mostly remained reactive, leaving little space for discussion of what an alternative legal and political approach to migration governance might look like. In this symposium, scholars of migration law take stock of the current framework, its policies and normative assumptions and discuss where to go from here.

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From the DMCA to the DSA—A Transatlantic Dialogue on Online Platform Regulation and Copyright

On 17 February 2024, the Digital Services Act (DSA) became fully applicable in Europe. The DSA takes a novel regulatory approach to intermediaries by imposing not only liability rules for the (user) content they host and moderate, but also separate due diligence obligations for the provider’s own role and conduct in the design and functioning of their services. This new approach fundamentally reshapes the regulation and liability of platforms in Europe, and promises to have a significant impact in other jurisdictions, like the US, where there are persistent calls for legislative interventions to reign in the power of Big Tech. This symposium brings together a group of renowned European and American scholars to conduct an academic transatlantic dialogue on the potential benefits and risks of the EU’s new approach.

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Heute in sechs Monaten wird in Thüringen ein neuer Landtag gewählt. Der beginnende Wahlkampf zeichnet sich langsam ab, und die politische Situation spitzt sich merklich zu. Die Organisation Ezra dokumentiert in letzter Zeit vermehrt Vorfälle rechtsextremistischer Gewalt: In Waltershausen setzen unbekannte Personen das Haus des SPD-Politikers Michael Müller in Brand, in Bleicherode wird das Büro der Landtagspräsidentin Birgit Pommer mit Hakenkreuzen beschmiert, in Suhl werden Parteibüros der SPD angegriffen. In

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Half Time

Six months from today, the people in the German state of Thuringia will elect their new parliament. Election day is looming large, and the political situation is heating up. Recently, the organisation Ezra has noted a rising frequency of incidents involving right-wing extremist violence: in Waltershausen, unknown persons set fire to the house of SPD politician Michael Müller; in Bleicherode, the office of parliament’s president Birgit Pommer was smeared with

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Volume 5,
Issues 2-3
November 2023


Das Thüringen-Projekt!

Im Herbst 2024 wird in Thüringen gewählt. Was passiert, wenn eine autoritär-populistische Partei staatliche Machtmittel in die Hand bekommt? In den Monaten bis zur Landtagswahl wollen wir die Antwort auf diese Frage suchen.