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The 2018 French Asylum and Immigration Act

As many others in the European Union, the French government attempts to tackle the so-called “migrants crisis”. A new bill aims at reducing the length of asylum proceedings and fighting against irregular migration. Despite disagreements between the two chambers, the National Assembly has adopted the last version of the bill on August 1st. Left-wing Members of Parliament have brought an action before the Constitutional Council. The bill may not be enacted before the Council has given its decision, at the beginning of September. The text will no longer change, unless some provisions are deemed unconstitutional.

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The French Antiterrorist Bill: A Permanent State of Emergency

In July, a government bill against terrorism was adopted to replace the French state of emergency, which is in force since the terrorist attacks of November 2015. Critics have long complained about the lasting of the etat d’urgence. An analysis of the new bill however reveals that it is still a threat for human rights and in that matter rather a softened version of the state of emergency.

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