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Illiberal Democracy and Beyond in Hungary

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán describes his country as "illiberal state", citing as role models authoritarian regimes like Putin’s Russia and dictatorial governments like China. As with citizens in any other nation-state, Hungarians certainly have the right to oppose the development of a liberal political system, if they are willing to accept certain consequences such as parting from the European Union and the wider community of liberal democracies. However, this conclusion must be reached through a democratic process, unlike the constitution making that took place in 2011, when Hungary’s leaders neglected to consult the people on their opinions about the very nature of the constitution.

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Ungarns Verfassungsgericht: Das Imperium schlägt zurück

Das ungarische Verfassungsgericht, so scheint es, ist trotz aller Versuche der Fidesz-Regierung, es zu schwächen, immer noch zu effektivem Widerstand in der Lage. Doch die Regierung mit ihrer Zweidrittelmehrheit im Parlament scheint entschlossen, diesen Widerstand zu brechen. Jetzt bereitet sie ein Gesetz vor, das dem Gericht verbieten soll, seine eigene Rechtsprechung der letzten 20 Jahre […]

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