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A Clever Compromise or a Tectonic Shift? The LM Jugment of the CJEU

The LM judgment is certainly not the end, rather the beginning of a development. Its teaching is not that systemic deficiencies of the judiciary do not matter. Rather, such deficiencies shall be addressed systemically. Such systemic solutions may force the respective member state to adjust without making its participation in the EU abruptly impossible.

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Rule of Law in Times of the Populist Surge. Comments on Armin von Bogdandy and Michael Ioannidis

As populism rises and crises of the rule of law emerge, we have to think out of the box. Pál Sonnevend’s reply to v. Bogdandy and M. Ioannidis focusses on the democratic environment and guarantees of the rule of law in Greece.

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Rescue Package For Fundamental Rights: Comments by PÁL SONNEVEND

The European Union could not be imagined without respect for fundamental rights by both the EU itself and its member states. It is certainly not possible to define the EU solely on the basis of this, but the respect for fundamental rights belongs to the very core of a European identity, without which no integration […]

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