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Democratic Decay Resource (DEM-DEC): Fourth Monthly Bibliography Update-November 2018

DEM-DEC was formally launched on Monday 22 October with a panel discussion and reception at the University of Melbourne. The panel discussion – titled ‘Is Democracy Decaying Worldwide? And What Can We Do About It?’ – provided an overview of democratic decay across the globe, with experts providing detail on four selected states: Poland (Wocjiech […]

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Democratic Decay Resource (DEM-DEC): First Monthly Bibliography Update-August 2018

The DEM-DEC Bibliography presents a global range of research on democratic decay. It has a strong focus on research by public lawyers – spanning constitutional, international and transnational law – but also includes key research from political science, as well as policy texts. First monthly update since DEM-DEC was launched. Updates to the Bibliography will be issued on the first Monday of each month.

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Announcement: Launching New Online Democratic Decay Resource (DEM-DEC)

The incremental deterioration of democratic rule worldwide is one of the most pressing global challenges today, and public lawyers are indispensable to the search for greater understanding of this phenomenon, and to the search for potential solutions. This challenge is now the focus of one of the most rapidly expanding research areas in public law: every week more research appears and more events and projects are announced as scholars push to grasp the unfolding and intensifying rollback of democratic progress globally. Yet, much of this global effort is scattered as scholars are cut off from one another by research field boundaries, geographic boundaries, and network boundaries.

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