15 April 2021

When Emergency is Permanent, What Else Could be Done?

Indeed, from the very outset, Egypt’s attitude concerning the management of the pandemic crisis was the adoption of the minimum possible actions, which does not harm the state economic plan, nor change the way the system functions. From a formalist point of view, Egypt has existed in a permanent state of emergency since 2017, and as a consequence, no specific legal response was adopted by the state which might alter the regular decision-making process or power arrangements between different branches. The desire of presenting an image to the public that the situation is under control was a crucial factor in Egypt's political, legal, and economic response to the COVID-19 crisis. Continue reading >>
19 Mai 2020

Emergency Law Amendments to Fight Covid-19 in Egypt: Putting the Poison in the Honey

One could learn a very important lesson from the Egyptian experience as it relates to the state of emergency: A good constitutional text alone is not enough. Although new amendments to the Emergency Law included several public health measures that allow the state to contain the impact of the spread of COVID-19, the absence of a parliamentary and judicial review will remain a huge threat to fundamental rights and the basics of the democratic rule-making. Continue reading >>
24 August 2015

Egypt: Homosexuality is legal – but not allowed

26 men were arrested in front of TV cameras and later charged with “habitual debauchery” after a crackdown had taken place at a local bathhouse in Cairo. Attorney Islam Khalifa defended 14 of the accused. It was not the first time in his career: only two months earlier he had defended seven men in another case that gained international attention where 8 men were charged with endangering public morality for attending a “marriage-like” ceremony on a Nile cruise. In this interview he talks about the legal practice in Egypt in general and the situation of the Egyptian LGBTQ community. Continue reading >>
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