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Anachronisms by Law

In an ongoing effort to combat online hate speech, the German Minister of Justice recently announced to examine the re-introduction of section 88a of the German Penal Code. This law sanctioned the ‘anti-constitutional endorsement of crime’ and was only in force during a brief period between 1976 and 1981. It was supposed to counteract the spread of aggressive opinions and calls for violence. While politicians today are struggling with the issue of harmful online speech, one should refrain from re-introducing a law that was not only controversial back then but also ineffective. Apart from that, resurrecting the law in today’s digital world raises numerous questions.

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Zensur durch Upload-Filter: Zur umstrittenen EU-Reform des Urheberrechts

Der Rechtsausschuss des EU-Parlaments hat für die EU-Richtlinie über das Urheberrecht im digitalen Binnenmarkt gestimmt. Damit macht er den Weg frei für sogenannte Upload-Filter. Diese sind aufgrund ihres verdachtsunabhängigen und der Veröffentlichung vorgeschalteten Einsatzes höchst umstritten.

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