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Causes and Consequences of the “Failure” of the GDR Central Round Table (Dec. 1989- Feb. 1990)

On one hand, I wish to give credit to the Central Round Table which is often seen as not having fulfilled its aspirations. Given the particular structural context in which the round table was operating, it was remarkably successful and achieved more than could have been anticipated given its weak legitimacy and power base, in particular, providing a sense of stability and moral guidance in tumultuous times. On the other hand, my thesis is that it was unable to exert a major influence on what was to follow, neither in the short-term or long-term.

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A Citizens’ Attempt to Solve the Polish Constitutional Crisis

Polish civil society groups have drafted a bill regarding the Act on the Constitutional Tribunal, expecting that the governing party PiS does not intend to legally solve the severe constitutional crisis it has created. We document the speech the representative of these groups, Jaroslaw Marciniak, gave in the Sejm on June 9th 2016.

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“Is it a dictatorship and a police state yet?” Scheppele and Halmai on current Hungarian constitutional politics

Ever since the sweeping election victory of Victor Orbán’s FIDESZ party in 2010, there has been an international controversy about the developments in Hungary’s political landscape. In most cases, the reception given to the political initiatives of the Orbán government and its parliamentary super-majority (the current coalition controls over two thirds of the legislature) have […]

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