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New German Intersex Law: Third Gender but not as we want it

The new German draft law to introduce a third option in personal status law has overwhelmingly been decried as a missed historical opportunity, or even as counterproductive, for a variety of reasons. The main criticisms are that the third option does not fully recognize gender diversity as it will only be available to those with a medical diagnosis of an intersex condition, and that the government failed to genuinely consider the alternative option presented by the Constitutional Court – that of scrapping sex/gender registration altogether.

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The Politics of Recognition and the Limits of Emancipation through Law

In this post I will call attention to the limits to recognition’s emancipatory potential, the possibility of gender-proliferation ad absurdum, and I will take another look at the privacy argument. I conclude with a reappraisal of the ‘null-option’ and support for scrapping gender registration altogether.

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