15 Dezember 2011

Call for Applications: Six Rechtskulturen Fellowships for 2012/2013

The Berlin-based Postdoctoral Program RECHTSKULTUREN: CONFRONTATIONS BEYOND COMPARISON invites scholars to apply for six postdoctoral fellowships for the academic year 2012/2013 in Berlin (deadline: 23 January 2012).

Applicants should be at the postdoctoral level and should have obtained their doctorate within the last five years before their application to the program. We welcome candidates in particular from the disciplines of law, sociology, political science, philosophy, history, anthropology, theology, and area studies, representing a broad range of diverse approaches to the law, including gender studies, comparative research, law & literature, critical approaches to international law, administrative sciences, transitional justice, the law of development cooperation, and classical problems of legal philosophy.

© Rechtskulturen / Maurice Weiss (Ostkreuz)

For the academic year 2012/13, Rechtskulturen welcomes in particular applicants interested in actors, procedures, sites and systems of law-making, and applications from scholars analyzing the law in various cultural contexts, engaging with confrontations beyond comparison.

Rechtskulturen encourages and welcomes applications from all regions of the world. Fellows are given the opportunity to pursue their individual research projects within a transdisciplinary and transregional context. During the fellowship in Berlin, they will be associated with a university institute (e.g. the Faculty of Law at Humboldt Universität) or an extra-university research institute. In the overall context of the project Rechtskulturen and the framework of the Forum Transregionale Studien, they will be part of a vibrant discursive environment.

SUGGESTED CITATION  Kemmerer, Alexandra: Call for Applications: Six Rechtskulturen Fellowships for 2012/2013, VerfBlog, 2011/12/15, https://verfassungsblog.de/call-applications-rechtskulturen-fellowships-20122013/.

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