19 März 2021

No More Need for Doublespeak

How will Southeast Asian governments react to the violent developments in Myanmar? ASEAN’s non-interference principle is often described as an effective shield against foreign meddling in domestic affairs. In the face of reputational damage and possible economic setbacks, though, ASEAN members had started to refer to human rights, democracy and the rule of law to justify occasional peer pressure – not out of normative conviction but due to strategic considerations. After years of democratic backsliding and declining global expectations, however, these semantic gymnastics are much less required today. Continue reading >>
15 Februar 2021

Myanmar’s Military Coup d’État Is Unconstitutional

The multilateral response should focus on the constitutionality of the Tatmadaw’s actions. Myanmar’s state of emergency is a military coup d’état, and is flagrantly unconstitutional. The international community should support Myanmar’s democratically elected government by insisting that the constitution be followed, and civilian authority restored immediately. Continue reading >>
10 Februar 2021

The Uncertainty after the Coup

Along with other Western states, Germany is facing uncertainties after the coup on 1 February by the Myanmar military, or Tatmadaw. While Myanmar is not the only development aid project but one of a slate of countries representing German interests in Southeast Asia, Myanmar’s place in German foreign policy is now disrupted by the coup. The prospects of a return to military rule suggest a need for a German rethink of its Myanmar strategies. Continue reading >>
16 Dezember 2018

A Look behind the Fake News Laws of Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, attempts to regulate the fake news phenomenon can be broadly categorized, on the one hand, in cases where fake news laws are conceived at least also as the government’s weapon to silence critics and dissenters, and on the other hand, cases where the discourse is lead more open-ended. Under the first category, Malaysia springs to mind, Cambodia and Vietnam possibly too. Thailand is a somewhat mixed case. Much more open-ended are the fake news discourses in Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore. Continue reading >>
10 Februar 2018

Die Verfolgung der Rohingya in Myanmar – Ein Fall für den internationalen Strafgerichtshof?

Die gewaltsame Vertreibung der Rohingya seit August 2017 aus Myanmar erschüttert die Weltgemeinschaft und weckt dunkle Erinnerungen an Völkerrechtsverbrechen im ehemaligen Jugoslawien und in Ruanda. UN-Vertreter sprechen bereits von Genozid und Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit. In den vergangenen Wochen wurden angesichts dieser gravierenden Menschenrechtsverletzungen vermehrt Rufe nach einer strafrechtlichen Verfolgung durch den internationalen Strafgerichtshof laut. Doch welche Erfolgsaussichten haben diese Bestrebungen? Ein kurzer Überblick. Continue reading >>
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