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12 January 2021

Colliding Systems or Legal Tapestry?

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Next session: 17:45-19:15 CET/11:45-13:15 EST

This panel will analyse different ways in which norms from different legalities are being related: how do different forms of ordering in the field of climate change (standards, guidelines and frameworks) interact with one another? How do norms of environmental protection impact other areas of international law? And how can we best conceptualize the ways in which such norm interactions take place and provide guidance to normative conflicts – are they examples of colliding systems or instead of an emerging legal tapestry?

  • Laura Mai, KCL
  • Jason Rudall, University of Leiden
  • Lars Viellechner, University of Bremen
  • Discussant: Sarah Nouwen, EUI
  • Moderator: Tomer Broude, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

SUGGESTED CITATION  Mai, Laura, Rudall, Jason, Viellechner, Lars, Nouwen, Sarah; Broude, Tomer: Colliding Systems or Legal Tapestry?, VerfBlog, 2021/1/12,

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