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04 November 2021

Webinar: Can a ‘Pandemic Treaty’ Promote Global Health Justice?

Amid contention that global governance was unprepared and incapacitated in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this November, a special session of the World Health Assembly will convene to discuss a potential international instrument on pandemic preparedness and response.

This final webinar of the ‘International Pandemic Lawmaking: Conceptual and Practical Issues’ Symposium will bring together leading scholars to critically discuss cross-cutting themes of the Symposium, and key points of contention and recommendation for the future of global pandemic governance.


Sebastián Guidi
Judith Bueno de Mesquita
Luciano Bottini Filho
Manjari Mahajan
Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
Mike Podmore
Martín Hevia

Moderated by Alicia Ely Yamin


SUGGESTED CITATION  Ely Yamin, Alicia: Webinar: Can a ‘Pandemic Treaty’ Promote Global Health Justice?, VerfBlog, 2021/11/04,

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