17 März 2015

A European Network of Constitutional Law Blogs

When Hungary adopts an undemocratic constitution it is not just the Hungarians who have a problem. When Scots and Catalans strive for independence it is not just UK and Spain that get into trouble. Anyone who reads this blog regularly will be familiar with the fact that we share common constitutional space in the European Union in which the national and the supranational constitutional levels interact in manifold ways.

And yet we still know so little about each other’s constitutional culture, our commonalities and differences, our views and preferences. We hardly ever engage in discussions with people from other constitutional backgrounds with whom we share this common European constitutional space.

In many EU countries, constitutional law blogs with large audiences have emerged, putting forward pointed opinions and profound expert knowledge on topical matters of public policy. We want to connect these blogs and encourage the creation of new blogs to form a tightly-knit network of cooperation. Within one year we want to set up an organizational framework to exchange texts and authors, to launch joint debates on current constitutional issues and to establish a vibrant constitutional public sphere in Europe.

For this, we need your support.

We have submitted an application for funding for this project today. The „Advocate Europe“ asks the public to vote for submissions they want to support. The more support a submission gets the more visible it becomes. Also, there is a „community award“ for the submission with most public support.

We kindly ask you, dear readers of Verfassungsblog, to raise the chances for succes of our project by supporting us. To do so, please click here.

Also, sharing this link via Twitter and Facebook would be a big help.

Many thanks in advance!

SUGGESTED CITATION  Steinbeis, Maximilian: A European Network of Constitutional Law Blogs, VerfBlog, 2015/3/17, https://verfassungsblog.de/a-european-network-of-constitutional-law-blogs/, DOI: 10.17176/20181005-145902-0.

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