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Coronavirus Emergency and Public Law Issues: An Update on the Italian Situation

The emergency caused by the “new” Coronavirus disease (that we discussed here) reached a new peak in Italy in the last few days, since cases have tripled compared to just a couple of days ago. Italy is now the second most affected country after China. This situation induced Italian public authorities to take new, stricter measures to try to contain the expansion of the virus. From a constitutional law perspective, the Coronavirus sheds light on the need to reconsider Italy’s “emergency constitution” .

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Coronavirus, Health Emergencies and Public Law Issues

The outbreak of the “new” Coronavirus disease triggered an epidemic potentially evolving into a pandemic. Italy is one of the most affected areas, with 3.858 cases, confirmed by tests that public authorities are extensively performing on the population. Taking a closer look, this scenario highlights a number of challenging issues that can teach us valuable “public law lessons”.

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