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Old friends, new friends? Prospects for EU’s cooperation with intergovernmental organisations in promotion of the rule of law

In its July 2019 blueprint for action on the rule of law, the European Commission has outlined three main avenues of action on the rule of law in the EU: prevention, response and promotion.

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Age is the limit? Background of the CJEU case C-619/18 Commission v Poland

Next month the Court of Justice of the European Union will make a decision that is likely going to feature in the future textbooks on European Union law. In the case C-618/19 Commission v Poland, the Court will tackle the topic of judicial independence and the question of whether the standards of the rule of law were violated by the Polish government and parliament and thus address a critical element of European Union’s legal system.

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Fast Random-Access Memory (Laws) – The June 2018 Amendments to the Polish “Holocaust Law”

On June 27th Polish authorities broke the national record in speed of proceeding a bill in Parliament and getting it signed into the law by the President. And we are not talking about just an ordinary bill. The statute in question is the (in)famous Polish “Holocaust bill” or “Polish death camp law”.

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