Shifting Paradigms of European Media Regulation

Media freedom is vital for a democratic rule of law. It is essential to protect human rights and safeguard participation in the public sphere. However, regulating it is challenging, as proven by the extensive debates concerning the recent proposal for a European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) by the European Commission. The proposal marks a cornerstone of European Media Regulation. Yet, it is far from being the only piece of regulation affecting journalists and media outlets. The symposium takes the EMFA as a starting point to look at how media is regulated, its implications and how other European regulatory initiatives are affecting media freedom, such as the repercussions of GDPR, DSA or the upcoming Anti-SLAPP Directive. The Symposium has been curated by Viktoria Kraetzig and Neus Vidal Martí, Fellow and Alumna of the programme re:constitution – Exchange and Analysis on Democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe.