The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream

After the financial crisis has shaken the European project so profoundly, after the turn of Hungary and Poland towards authoritarianism, after the Brexit referendum, after the Trump election, in the midst of the refugee crisis and the rise of populism, the European constellation has become more unstable, the future of the Union more uncertain than ever. The book “The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream”, edited by Christian Joerges, Damian Chalmers and Marcus Jachtenfuchs, collects the analysis of economists, lawyers, philosophers and political scientists of the deeper dimensions of the European crisis with a view towards contributing to a better understanding and shaping the trajectory of the EU. The debate is continued on Verfassungsblog with contributions by RICHARD BELLAMY, BOJAN BUGARIC, MARK DAWSON and FLORIS DE WITTE, MAURIZIO FERRERA, DANIEL INNERARITY, POUL KJAER, KARL-HEINZ LADEUR, ELISE MUIR, JIRI PRIBAN, and JONATHAN WHITE.