08 Oktober 2021

Balancing Accountability and Legitimacy

As they have installed themselves as the de facto government of Afghanistan, the Taliban could theoretically be held accountable for potential crimes via inter-state proceedings. In practice however, that would run the risk of increasing the perceived legitimacy of the Taliban as the Afghan government. The announcement of Prosecutor Karim Ahmad Khan of the International Criminal Court on September 27 to resume investigations in Afghanistan in the form of criminal prosecution – and thus not as inter-state litigation – therefore deserves support. Continue reading >>
10 September 2021

Solang sie noch am Leben sind

Über Afghanistan, Deutschland und wer wem was schuldig ist Continue reading >>

While they are still alive

On Afghanistan, Germany, and who owes what to whom Continue reading >>
09 September 2021

Fatal Non-Evolution

Like all constitutions, the Afghan Constitution was imperfect. As is so often the case, its imperfections were necessary short-term fixes to settle immediate problems at the time of the constitutional founding. I will discuss two critically important features of the Constitution—ones that in 2004 were essential to ensure the short-term survival of the Afghan state, but which the framers themselves recognized would need to be modified in the medium to long-term. Over time, these once necessary but ultimately problematic elements in the Constitution remained uncorrected, impeded government performance and destroyed the popular legitimacy of the government. Continue reading >>
27 August 2021

Unsere Leute

Über Afghanistan, Deutschland, Innen und Außen Continue reading >>

Das Ortskräfte-Debakel hat im Innenministerium seinen Ursprung

Das Bundesministerium des Inneren hat offenbar beim Ortskräfte-Desaster die Schlüsselrolle gespielt und die Evakuation der Ortskräfte aus Afghanistan seit Monaten behindert und blockiert. Es trägt die Verantwortung für die Blockade von rechtzeitigen Maßnahmen und für das spätere Desaster bei der Evakuierung der Ortskräfte. Wer das Ministerium kennt, für den kommt diese Entwicklung nicht überraschend. Die Gründe für sie liegen in der Ausrichtung des Innenministeriums. Continue reading >>
22 Mai 2017

Afghanistan’s Constitution between Sharia Law and International Human Rights

Afghanistan’s 2004 constitution is a compromise between liberal internationalists, local clerics and warlords. Apostasy cases are the constitution’s litmus test. Continue reading >>
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