03 Dezember 2021

Restoring Public Trust

Slipping in and out of the academic spotlight, the topic of corruption has persistently raised the interest of scholars, international organizations, and societies all over the world since the 1990s. I focus on the Republic of Korea’s (ROK) establishment of a new anti-corruption agency, the Corruption Investigation Office for High-Ranking Officials (CIO), and argue that the CIO provides new anti-corruption ‘services’ on the one hand and strengthens state accountability mechanisms on the other. Continue reading >>
08 April 2021

South Korea’s Combating COVID-19 Under the Rule of Law

South Korea has reduced the significant number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases without ordering stringent restrictions, nor locking down regions and causing severe economic damage. South Korea was able to slow down the spread of COVID-19 along with the government’s quick reaction to the disease. The government has been implementing nationwide free public testing programs. The KCDC in the government tracked all the confirmed cases’ geographic footprints and publicized the information to the people via online websites and mobile texts. Local cities opened up an innovative ‘drive-through’ testing area, which became a model followed by other countries. The civil society has also generally followed the guidelines provided by government, including using medical face masks and adapting to ‘social-distancing. Continue reading >>
03 Februar 2021

Ein kleiner Meilenstein

Am 25. Januar 2021 hat zum ersten Mal ein „Panel of Experts“ auf Initiative der EU über die Verletzung von Standards der nachhaltigen Entwicklung im Rahmen eines Freihandelsabkommens entschieden. Obwohl es keine rechtlichen Hebel zur Durchsetzung der Entscheidung gibt, setzt der Panelbericht EU-Korea materiellrechtlich neue Maßstäbe. Durch die Emanzipation der überprüften Arbeitnehmerschutzstandards vom Handelsbezug legt es zudem den Grundstein für zukünftige Streitbeilegungsverfahren, die sich allein gegen die Verletzung von Nachhaltigkeitsstandards richten. Continue reading >>
29 Mai 2020

Fighting COVID-19 with Religious Discrimination

The Korean authorities have garnered significant praise for their effective response to COVID-19. However, the country’s experience has not been without controversy. A significant proportion of cases were publicly attributed to a controversial religious congregation, and the authorities’ dealings with its members raise questions about compliance with a number of human rights. Continue reading >>
14 März 2017

Impeaching Remnants of the Authoritarian Past: A Constitutional Moment in South Korea

Last Friday, effective March 10 at exactly 11:21 a.m., the sitting President Park Geun-hye was removed from her office by a unanimous decision of the South Korean Constitutional Court. With public life coming to a standstill as eyes focused on TV and internet live broadcasting, the acting Chief Justice delivered the court decision. The conclusion of the constitutional impeachment procedure marked the climax of a transformative ongoing constitutional moment in South Korea. Continue reading >>
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