30 Juli 2014

Five Years of Verfassungsblogging

Five years ago this blog first saw the light of day.

Some of the topics of the first weeks: Post-Lisbon legislation in Germany, Citizens United, internet anonymity, Obamacare, electoral law, Rottmann, catalan separatism, data retention, same sex marriage

Obviously not a bad time to start a blog on all matters constitutional.

I will be off for the next three weeks. Have a good time and see you in the end of August!

SUGGESTED CITATION  Steinbeis, Maximilian: Five Years of Verfassungsblogging, VerfBlog, 2014/7/30, https://verfassungsblog.de/fuenf-jahre-verfassungsblog-2/.

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  1. […] Verfassungsblog, Germany’s blog “on matters constitutional” started five years ago. Initially Maximilian Steinbeis’ solo effort, it has evolved into a joint venture with Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin and Humboldt Universität Berlin. In addition, more and more content is published in German and English, making Verfassungsblog a unique resource for current debates on constitutional matters in Germany and the European Union, such as the TTIP debate. All the best, Verfassungsblog! […]

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