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Richterwahlen in der Schweiz: Wo liegt das Problem?

Sind Schweizer Richter zu wenig unabhängig von den Parteien, die sie nominieren? Eine Volksinitiative will die Politik aus dem Verfahren der Richterwahl verbannen. Die Initianten hängen offenbar der Vorstellung an, dass eine Richterwahl durch politische Verfassungsorgane per se die richterliche Unabhängigkeit berührt. Das stimmt aber nicht.

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Modernisation in Continuity. Ernst-Wolfgang ­ Böckenförde´s most famous ideas and the Depolarization Paradox in Representative Democracy*

The current surge of populist movements, the anti-democratic reflections of a wide-spread feeling that something is going fundamentally wrong (even) in democratic societies – are they symptoms of fundamental deficits in representative democracy? Can Böckenförde`s theory of democracy help us understand what is going on?

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Constitutional limits to health-related nudging – a matter of balancing

Politically as well as from the point of view of constitutional law, I see neither good reasons to generally reject health-related nudging towards less self-damaging behavior, nor good reasons to issue a general clearance certificate on the grounds that nudging always leaves the addressee “at liberty”. The state is not prohibited from taking sides in matters of public health – neither generally, nor specifically insofar as self-damaging behavior of accountable persons is concerned. However, claiming that people who are just being nudged remain free to resist the nudge falls far short of the constitutional law problems that nudges can raise.

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