07 März 2016

Poland and Europe: live on Verfassungsblog

How to deal with Poland? On Friday, the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission will decide on its opinion of the Polish government’s recent attempt to clip the wings of the Constitutional Tribunal – a hugely controversial issue not just in Poland. On Monday, the Venice Commission’s rapporteur Christoph Grabenwarter will be our guest at a roundtable discussion hosted by the Max Planck Society in coooperation with Verfassungsblog (details here).

Along with Grabenwarter will be on the podium:

  • MPIL director Armin von Bogdandy – he will shed light on the parallel investigation by the EU Commission within its new Rule of Law Framework, activated on this occasion for the first time.
  • Renáta Uitz, CEU professor from Budapest – Renáta will contribute a comparative constitutionalist perspective as well as some background from Hungary, also repeatedly a target of grave concern by Brussels, Strasbourg and Venice.
  • And last but not least, the Polish Advocate for Citizens‘ Rights Adam Bodnar will provide insights about how the European critique is welcomed in Poland.
  • The debate will be moderated by Alexandra Kemmerer, senior fellow at MPIL and certainly no stranger to readers of this blog.

The debate will be streamed live on this blog. All Verfassungsblog readers are cordially invited to follow the discussion – and also to participate: Online comments and questions (on Twitter and Facebook, please use the hashtag #EURPOL, so we will be able to find your input!) will be collected on this site, and a selection will be introduced live into the discussion on the stage.

We hope for a lively and fruitful debate! Stay tuned, and see you next week.

SUGGESTED CITATION  Steinbeis, Maximilian: Poland and Europe: live on Verfassungsblog, VerfBlog, 2016/3/07, https://verfassungsblog.de/poland-and-europe-live-on-verfassungsblog/.


  1. Wojtek Mo 14 Mrz 2016 at 22:32 - Reply

    Is there by any chance podcast available?

  2. Maximilian Steinbeis Di 15 Mrz 2016 at 07:50 - Reply

    There will be a video of the event shortly.

  3. Wojtek Di 22 Mrz 2016 at 20:11 - Reply

    Any news about the video?

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